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Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). More than 700 enterprise customers and government agencies use UiPath to rapidly deploy software robots that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations. The UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premises, and consists of three integrated components: UiPath Studio: the process modeling environment where users can, with minimal training and no coding, model process automations visually using powerful recorders that literally build automation by watching the user work, and a rich library of template activities that make automation easy and fast. - High Productivity Integrated Environment - Process Mapping - Screen Recorder - Visual Business Rules - Built-in Process Actions - Online Activity Library - Integrated Debugger - Automatic Deployment - Revision Control - Industry Standard - Extensible - .NET Integrated Environment UiPath Robot: The digital worker that executes scheduled work either ‘unattended’, in large batches and without human intervention (think invoice processing) or ‘attended’, running on the users’ PC and following their direct command (think call center processes). The UiPath Robot is driven by advanced computer vision to perform exceptionally rapid and precise automation for SAP, Citrix, and Mainframe processes. It opens, acts upon and closes any local, legacy or Cloud application and extracts, processes and passes data between any structured and semi-structured data source (applications, documents or databases) using Also, our embedded cognitive and OCR technology (Google, Microsoft & ABBYY) creates the industry’s largest automation footprint. - Desktop Automation - Web Automation - Business App Automation (SAP, Oracle Apps, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, Dynamics) - Mainframe Automation - Citrix Automation - Computer Vision Based Automation - Intelligent OCR - Screen Scraping - Text Based Automation - Data Automation - Web Scraping - Email Automation - Office Automation - IT Automation - Run Processes Under Locked Screen - Batch Execution Mode - Robotic API, RESTful web service - Auto Login Windows Session UiPath Orchestrator: The management console that licenses, configures and deploys UiPath Robots. It assigns automations and work queues to them, then schedules their activities. Orchestrator centrally handles all the critical enterprise duties: release management, centralized logging, reporting, auditing and monitoring, remote control, workload management and asset management. - Web Based Control Panel - Fully auditable Execution Trace - Release Management - Process Monitoring - Remote Control - Centralized Scheduling - Credential Management - Transaction Queue - Enhanced Exception Handling - Web Based Control Center - Integration Queue API - Fully Configurable Analytics and Dashboards UiPath brings compelling benefits through several unique advantages: Fastest, most reliable automation in the industry - UiPath automates processes 3X-4X faster than any other RPA product. Our Citrix automation is compelling - 6X-9X faster thanks to our computer vision that allows the Robot to do real-time auto-adjustments for screen changes during Robot activity, reducing downtime and maintenance. Other RPA robots won’t find the element. Instead, they’ll throw an exception and stop working. Attended and unattended automation - UiPath uniquely delivers both Attended and Unattended automation through a single Enterprise RPA Platform. Competing RPA providers either do not offer an Attended automation option at all, or their robots are limited to executing just one process at a time. Multi-tenancy - Maximizes operational and cost efficiency by providing separate, secure space to multiple users across departments (e.g. CFO, HR, etc.) and geographies to work without override on the same automation project. Intelligent scheduling of process automations - Orchestrator scales & prioritizes work queues & Robots on-demand to meet SLAs. When automations are developed in UiPath Studio and then put into a queue they can be assigned priority levels and/or hard completion deadlines. Orchestrator uses those priorities and deadlines to assemble work queues and give each a relative precedence - which drives intelligent scheduling and prevents a spike in work volumes from threatening services levels. Rest APIs to enable collaborative integration with Enterprise systems - Integration with any ERP, BPM (e.g. Oracle), DMS (e.g. IBM) and new AI technologies. Companies can integrate those systems with the UiPath Enterprise Platform via Orchestrator, and use UiPath Robots as a highly efficient way to integrate with non-API legacy systems. Industry’s largest community of RPA developers + education and certifications - Free RPA training through UiPath Academy. Building a global community of RPA experts, one certification at a time. UiPath-certified Training Partners are authorized to provide on-site advanced, certified training. The industry’s only available downloadable free trial - UiPath provides a free Community Edition for customers to see and try our product before they make a buying decision. With a thriving RPA developer community of more than 120,000 worldwide, UiPath is on a mission to democratize RPA and support a digital business revolution. Largest RPA and AI ecosystem - The UiPath partner ecosystem provides: worldwide implementation support, certified training for self-sufficiency and sustainability, and native integration with innovative technologies. Our open, extensible Enterprise RPA Platform allows pre-built, drag & drop, tight inbound/outbound integrations with partner technologies and a powerful product roadmap to unlock the AI opportunity faster. Native integrations with the OCR, NLP, and Machine Learning capabilities of the world's leading AI technologies. We offer a complete solution to automate semi-structured sources of data through Intelligent OCR. The UiPath Robot automatically interprets, processes and classifies non-standard documents and forms.
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UiPath RPA在自动化领域的应用范围更广阔一些,而且更易于使用和实施,对用户很友好,开发起来也比较顺手,很多日常重复任务和工作就可以依靠他来解放劳动力了。不过有时候提取PDF数据的时候,识别还是有错误,需要人工校验。

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